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Quality high yielding seed. Produced locally.

Products and Dealers

Please select below to view our outstanding wheat or soybean lineups. Also run over to our dealer page to find out the closest place to you to get some awesome USG seed before its gone!

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About us

USG is composed of 30 seed producers across the Mid-South, East Coast, and DelMarVa regions. There is at least 1 dealer in 12 states. USG has been around since 1997 by producing high yielding varieties that are specific region to region. We test heavily in State Variety Trials and consistently perform at or near the top.  We work hand in hand with your state's seed certification agency to ensure the highest quality seed. The same performance translates into farmers fields year after year.

Latest News 

USG Soybean Rebate!

Get the info you need to get $2.00 back! Just Click the picture below to open!

2024 USG Seed Guide

The 2024 USG Seed Guide is available to download! Just Click the Guide below to open!
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Soybean Variety Trials
Soybean trial results are starting to roll in. Head over to our variety trial page to see how well USG wheat does in your area! 
USG Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to the two very deserving recipients of the 2023 USG Memorial Scholarship! John Thomas Lee of Mount Ulla North Carolina is attending NC State University and works at Moore Farms when not in class. He honors Johnny Moore who is one of the USG members that is memorialized by this scholarship.

Emily Gibson  of Jonesboro Arkansas is attending Arkansas State University. Their family farm has planted USG Soybeans.

Good luck to both recipients in their future endeavours!

Stanley Hula and Walter Gordon are the other 2 USG Members who are memorialized with the annual USG Memorial Scholarship.

John Thomas Lee.JPG
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