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About USG

USG cannot be pinned on a map. USG is a network of producers spread over the Mid-South, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and DelMarVa areas. This is advantagous to most farmers as they are never too far away from a USG producer. We have over 30 production sites in 12 states. These locations are family operations that have been in the seed business for generations. Some are one man shows while some are the largest business in their county!
Dealer Info

USG has 30+ dealers that produce USG wheat and soybeans. They each produce the lines that do best for their geographical region. The varieties they produce and bag are tested locally to ensure they are the best for that local environment. 

Variety Production Locations

Need to know where to get a great USG wheat or soybean? This is the place to start. Go here to find a list of USG producers and varieties produced at each location. USG products are also available by your closest USG producer even if they didn't grow it! Get them to transfer it in!

Soybean Trait Information

If you purchase a traited USG soybean you will need to have a signed agreement with that trait provider. 

  • One time account registration

  • Easily sign license agreements electronically

  • Single location to lookup and access your license status info

Please go to this page to view up to date legal disclaimers and other information for all traited USG soybeans.

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