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The USG Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship for 2 students in the amount of $500 will be awarded from The USG Memorial Scholarship fund each year.

The USG Memorial scholarship is awarded in honor of three USG dealers. Johnny Moore was from Mt. Ulla in North Carolina. His dairy farm and seed dealership is carried on by his wife Karen and son Brian. Walter Gordon ran Willowdale Farms in Jefferson, MD until his passing. His brother Joe now runs the operation at the same location. Stanley Hula was the owner/operator at Renwood Farms in Charles City, Virginia until he retired and passed the farm and seed cleaner on to his three sons David, Jeff, and Johnny.

The USG Memorial Scholarship is offered to a Sophomore or Junior pursuing a post-secondary education or pursuing a bachelor's degree in agriculture, crop production, livestock production, crop & soil science, agricultural technology, agricultural research, sustainable agriculture, or agribusiness. Other majors may be accepted. If you are enrolled in a non-agriculture related major please submit a 250 word essay on how your major is related to the agriculture industry. Applicants must be a student at an institution of higher learning and with average or better grades. Preference will be given to students referred by a USG dealer or producer.

Deadline for students to submit a scholarship application is May 15th. Any submissions after May 15th will go towards the next academic school year.


The scholarship will be awarded by July 15th each year.


All qualified students are encouraged to apply, regardless of gender, creed, ethnic origin, race, or sexual orientation. We do not give preference based on a student’s choice of college or university, high school, city of residence or financial need. 

Fill out the form below, call the number, or send an email to receive a USG Memorial Scholarship Application

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